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PM Creative Life Coaching and Consulting™

We nurture, mentor, and empower people to grow into their deepest peace and greatest strength so their lives, careers, and businesses radiate creativity and prosperity.
Based in College Station, Texas
My clients achieve

  • Clarity in understanding how to set their goals and priorities to
  • Focus on the necessary steps to more easily create and attain their desired success in life and career
  • Freedom from debilitating stress and worry
  • Energy and Resilience (mental and physical) to direct towards seeing their plans through to completion, and
  • Peace of mind and spirit to enhance their happiness and joy as they excel at doing, and being, what they love in life.

  • Coaching
    • Personal Empowerment
    • Financial Coaching
    • Entrepreneurship - small/home-based business creation

    Hourly rate: $125.00
    3 months: $1,500
    6 months

    Personal Empowerment:

    If you need help with

    • Mindsets - Goal Setting and Attainment - Time Management - Career: choice, development, transition - Resilience (mental and physical)

    Coaching packages are custom-tailored to your needs.

    Financial Coaching

    Personal and Business:

    • Goal determinations - Budgeting - Action plans

    Individual (1x) sessions and custom packages based on your need

    Course: Budgeting for College and Beyond

    The course is designed for teens and their parents to help the students:

    • Choose a career path
    • Choose a college
    • Gain financial Literacy
    • Learn to holistically budget
    • Understand financial aid
    • Search for scholarships and grants, and
    • Create stronger bonds in the family through development of communication skills

    Entrepreneurship - small/home-based business creation

    • Course: New Course coming soon!

    If you are -

    • An individual who is stuck and having a difficult time figuring out what you need to move forward in your life -
    • A parent needing help getting your teen to understand how to organize personal budgeting, financial discipline and responsibility relevant to their life in college and beyond -
    • Choosing a career for the first time, or needing to choose a new one -
    • A beginning or experienced entrepreneur needing to design and build, or revitalize your career -
    • A college or university needing to provide
      • entrepreneurial business creation workshops and seminars for your artistically creative community.
      • A speaker who addresses lifes' challenges and the importance of self empowerment and resilience

Meet your coach

As an Empowerment Coach, professional cellist, educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Prudence McDaniel brings the wealth of her 40 years of rich and varied experiences and training to assist people from ages 15 - 80+ to align and balance themselves, and their lives & businesses for optimal success in providing the greatest impact and benefit for the people and communities they love and serve.


For a Consultation

To determine how I may best serve you,