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Passionate and experienced Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship coach based in College Station, TX.

Beauty - The Vision and Mission

My purpose is to help people create lives and successful businesses that are forged in creativity, uplift and exemplify service for their families, professions, and communities, and are filled with energy and thought that heals, promotes artistry, and powerful, positive growth, and evolution.

Balance and Bounty

Empowerment comes from gaining the information that addresses your specific needs so you create a plan that supports actions that make substantial, and even exponential, changes in your life.

The coaching I provide addresses various aspects of your life's overall well-being by fusing life, entrepreneurship, and financial coaching together.

I will help you identify and shift the debilitating biases (underlying thoughts and beliefs) that interfere with effective decision making and sabotage the implementation of your plans.

If you are:

  • At the beginning of your adult life and are feeling uncertain about
    • what life is calling you to do, or
    • the kind of life you want, or
    • your ability to be successful, or
  • Just entering the workforce and need to get clear on, or feel more empowered about
    • your ability to reach your goals or
    • create your business, or
  • You have been in the workforce or owned your own business for a number of years and need to
    • restructure and/or reassess your goals (do I transition into new expressions of my abilities or do I expand into new manifestations of my calling, adding to my existing work), and/or
  • You are looking to expand your business and life to meet your goals and you need fresh perspectives and accountability assistance

Then click the link below. It is my pleasure to help.

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Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and establish a successful music business with a money mindset coach.