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PM Creative Life Coaching and Consulting™

Empowerment, Success, Entrepreneurship
Based in College Station, Texas

Meet your coach

Prudence McDaniel is an Empowerment, Success, and Entrepreneurship Coach for people and businesses in need of assistance identifying their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. As a professional cellist, educator, and entrepreneur, she brings the wealth of her 40 years of rich and varied experiences assisting people from ages 15 - 80+ to align and balance themselves, their lives, and their businesses for optimal success in building the careers that empower them to receive great fulfillment while providing the greatest impact for the people and communities they serve.

Her coaching encompasses

  • Mindset which includes
    • Identifying and circumventing underlying thoughts that sabotage successful decision making
    • Self-worth
    • Stress Management
    • Finances - personal and business
    • Career choice, development, transition, and more
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Home-based business creation (specialty: the performing arts, artistic and educational communities)
  • Corporate Philanthropy - Policy Creation/Re-creation

Prudence works with individuals and businesses both inside and outside artistic communities. She will help you discover what undermines your success in life and provide the tools you need to overcome the blocks that prevent you from living the prosperously fulfilled life you want and deserve.

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If you are -

  • Starting out in your career,
  • An experienced solopreneur or entrepreneur needing to revitalize your career
  • A college or university needing to provide entrepreneurial business creation workshops and seminars for your artistically creative community, or
  • A business who would like your philanthropic donations and/or collaborations to be more effective

Contact me. Let's see if we're a good fit.

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Helping our clients achieve personal and professional freedom

Tailored coaching in music business entrepreneurship empowers you to thrive personally and professionally.
With greater peace of mind and spirit, you have more focus and energy to do more of what you love.

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Find out how our entrepreneurship in music courses enable profitable and fulfilling creative careers.