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PM Creative Life Coaching and Consulting™

Mindset, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Coaching
Based in College Station, Texas

Meet your coach

Prudence McDaniel, is a cellist, educator, and Coach for Performing and Visual Artists, and Educators.

In 2017, Prudence became a life coach to help musicians, artists, and educators create balanced life, career, and business plans and strategies for short and long-term success.

She published the ebook "What Music School Didn't Teach You: Holistic Creation of Your Satisfying and Profitable Private Teaching Studio" which ranked #4 in Music Business and #6 in Business Coaching and Mentoring, and spoke on the topic of holistic business creation for the artistic community in London at the Speakers Institute for Women in 2018.

Over the last 4 years, she has presented talks and workshops, in the US, at colleges and universities on holistic business creation for solopreneurs.

Prudence will help you discover what undermines your success as an entrepreneur and provide the tools you need to overcome the blocks that prevent you from living the artistic, creative, and prosperously fulfilled life of service you want and deserve.

If you are -

  • Starting out in your private teaching career,
  • An experienced solopreneur or entrepreneur needing to revitalize your career, or
  • A college or university needing to provide entrepreneurial business creation workshops and seminars for your musicians, artists, dancers, writers, actors, etc.

Contact me. Let's see if we're a good fit.

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Helping our clients achieve personal and professional freedom

Tailored coaching in music business entrepreneurship empowers you to thrive personally and professionally.
With greater peace of mind and spirit, you have more focus and energy to do more of what you love.

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Find out how our entrepreneurship in music courses enable profitable and fulfilling creative careers.